Care for the new users: 2017 – a program that provides free courses and useful information for ULIM’s students

The Information and Library Science Department is ready to support the students, Master and Doctorate attendants or any new person by a wide program of activities, oriented toward the education of information culture, the creation of skills to use all the information capacities provided to the modern students in order to achieve quality studies. The slogan of the edition of this year is: “Open the book to learn what others thought, close it so you can think yourself! ”. (T. Heyde)

During their first week of studies, the students of all faculties were acquainted with the three modern rooms of the Library with the services, products and information possibilities, including the precious fund of digital literature; they were provided with guidelines regarding the orientation in the entire System of Library Institutions of the Republic of Moldova, etc. They were notified about the inauguration at the Library of the new e-service, the chat “New Librarian”, through which the users, in any moment and from any place, can get the necessary consultations.

The program provides the organization of a public lesson regarding the information ethics, “Law on copyright”, especially the aspects on the use of the information; the new requirements on the elaboration, submission and citation of information.

Press Service, ULIM